Monday, February 10, 2014

A look back and an update

Almost 2 years ago I wrote up my "bucket list". I've done a lot of things since then and learned so much about how I honestly want to live my life, that now is a good time to update it. I'll mark off the things I've accomplished and the once goals that no longer matter.

- as yet unaccomplished
x done and done  

~ currently working on  
#being reconsidered  

So here they are...
My Life Goals:
x Ride an elephant in Thailand
# Complete the requirements of lifeguard training.
- See the Fjords in Norway
# Live on every continent (Some can be done by WWOOFing and ESL teaching)
x North America -USA
x Europe - Sweden
x Asia -Republic of Korea (South Korea)

x Oceania- Australia/NZ 
# Africa
# South America
# Antarctica
~ Become a fitness instructor/ Yoga instructor
- Own my own business
x Go Scuba diving
- Go surfing in Wales
- Catch a turtle and make turtle soup out of it
- Go skydiving
- Road trip along the Southern coast of France, and Spain all the way to Portugal
~ be fluent in two languages
~ be in a band or play piano and sing in front of a group
~ be good at singing

- hunt a bear and make a bear skin rug out of it
~ be able to do the splits
x Be a Girl Scout Camp counselor
x Graduate from University
x Study Abroad
x Be financially independent 
x Ride a tandem bike

In addition to all these really cool things I've also done a lot of other really cool things. Check out past posts here to see some of them and enjoy the pics.


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