Monday, February 10, 2014

A look back and an update

Almost 2 years ago I wrote up my "bucket list". I've done a lot of things since then and learned so much about how I honestly want to live my life, that now is a good time to update it. I'll mark off the things I've accomplished and the once goals that no longer matter.

- as yet unaccomplished
x done and done  

~ currently working on  
#being reconsidered  

So here they are...
My Life Goals:
x Ride an elephant in Thailand
# Complete the requirements of lifeguard training.
- See the Fjords in Norway
# Live on every continent (Some can be done by WWOOFing and ESL teaching)
x North America -USA
x Europe - Sweden
x Asia -Republic of Korea (South Korea)

x Oceania- Australia/NZ 
# Africa
# South America
# Antarctica
~ Become a fitness instructor/ Yoga instructor
- Own my own business
x Go Scuba diving
- Go surfing in Wales
- Catch a turtle and make turtle soup out of it
- Go skydiving
- Road trip along the Southern coast of France, and Spain all the way to Portugal
~ be fluent in two languages
~ be in a band or play piano and sing in front of a group
~ be good at singing

- hunt a bear and make a bear skin rug out of it
~ be able to do the splits
x Be a Girl Scout Camp counselor
x Graduate from University
x Study Abroad
x Be financially independent 
x Ride a tandem bike

In addition to all these really cool things I've also done a lot of other really cool things. Check out past posts here to see some of them and enjoy the pics.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Moving backward in time

New Zealand west coast

I can't even pretend that I can make up fir the time I haven't posted... More than four months ago was my last and I've missed an entire country... But here's something! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tangkuban Perahu: A Volcano

We traveled to Bandung Indonesia to see  a volcano. When we arrived we got terribly lost for over an hour. We accidentally stumbled across the best restaurant in Bandung, K99 Curry House. Then we went to Tangkuban Perahu. We didn't take a tour but had a lot if fun getting there on the local transportation. If you DO go to Bandung and want some tours, I highly suggest this website
Even if you don't go there and take the tour it might be worth your time to read their website. It's probably worth it. 
Check out the pics below.